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Important Safety Reminder


Whilst handling investment powder you are required to wear the appropriate respirator, (paper masks are not acceptable) until all powder has been mixed.
In its powder form it is dangerous and may cause health problems in years to come, similar to asbestos.
Masks are to be worn even when washing out the flask, as inhaled particles in the steam are also classed as dangerous. The club has one and must be cleaned after use.

There is other protective apparel that is available as well.  Ask the Duty Officer if you need assistance.

These warning are to be adhered to by those members assisting as well. There are plenty of spaces to conduct such activity without interfering with others.

Duty Officer Vacancies -  If you wish to volunteer to be a Duty Officer, please see a Committee member or by email.

Gem & Jewellery Expo News click 'Annual Gem & Jewellery Show'  link on yellow nav bar above.

Computer for 'Member's Use' - There is a computer running Windows, for Member's use in the main room. This computer has the Gem Cad program installed for designing faceting diagrams etc, and is also to be used for private viewing of our instructional CDs and DVDs.  There is also a printer attached to this computer, for printing out Gem Cad diagrams etc.  This computer is now on the internet - to be used for things related to what you do at the club! We have a very restricted download limit, so please keep that in mind when using the internet and do not download large files, videos or music!

AGM Report 2022 - 2023

The Hervey Bay Gem & Mineral Club held its annual AGM at the Club Rooms, 16 July, 2022. 

The following people have been elected to the Committee for 2022 - 2023

President  Russell Wardrope Email President   0411 580 465 (Club phone)
Vice President Mark Weir Email Vice President   0411 580 465 (Club phone)
Secretary Jan Carter Email Secretary  0411 580 465 (Club phone)
Sandra Norman Email Treasurer  0411 580 465 (Club phone)

The following people have volunteered for these positions in the Club for 2022 - 2023

Assistant TreasurerTerry
Maintenance  Club Members
Gem Show Chairperson Committee 0411 580 465 (Club phone)
Webmaster & IT L Anderson Contact
Casting Co-ordinator Committee 

The Hervey Bay Gem & Mineral Club Inc. is a non profit organization, where people can learn about fossicking, faceting and cabochoning gemstones,
jewellery making etc. and actually make these items with the large variety of equipment the club makes available to members. 

Gem Club Fees

Annual membership fees: $50.00 & $20.00 Juniors
+ $10 one-time initial registration fee if joining for the first time.
or renewing a lapsed membership.
Club memberships run from 1 July each year until 30 June the following year.
- - -
Visitors Honorary Membership (6 weeks + optional 6 weeks): $20 (home address must be 50 km or further, from Club)
- - -
Workshop fees: $4.00 each time at club except
No workshop fee if a social visit ONLY
Coffee + snack  $2.00

For more information about the Club,
contact the
Gem Club at 0411 580 465 during open hours
 or email.
Fees Revised 2019

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